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Rent To Own Kegs

We provide our brewery partners (currently over 500 customers strong) with the highest quality kegs in the world. Each keg is silk-screened with the brewery’s logo or graphic design of choice to identify the keg as your asset. With every rental payment, the brewery builds equity ownership in the kegs. You have the flexibility to select the rental program that best suits your needs and control how long you want to rent the kegs before taking eventual ownership.


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Full Service Freight

Keg Logistics can assist with all of your shipping requirements – from empty keg returns, the shipment of full product (cases and kegs), packaging material, hops, brewing equipment, tanks, you name it… whether it’s a Less Than Truckload, Full Truckload, Van or Reefer, if you send us the specifications of your shipment, we will provide a solution and a freight quote. We allow you to focus on brewing and leave the logistics to Keg Logistics. -continued-


Rent to own kegs

Empty Keg Return

How can you sell more draught beer and expand your distribution without having to buy more kegs? Simple – let Keg Logistics increase your keg turns. We provide efficient, cost-effective empty keg returns from any wholesaler in the US back to your brewery. Quicker empty keg returns translates into fewer kegs required, and less capital-expenditure for the brewery. -continued-


We supply the finest quality kegs in the world, manufactured to the highest industry specifications by Blefa/Franke. We provide 1/2 barrel, 1/6 barrel, and slim 1/4 barrel kegs along with 50 liter kegs and 9 Gallon Casks.

Our kegs are made from high-grade stainless steel 1.4301 (AISI 304). We only use coils from well-known manufacturers with certified quality assurance methods, which we then supplement with our own quality checks.

Blefa/Franke Kegs

We work with everyone. Are you a nano-brewery requiring 24 – 1/2 barrel kegs (i.e. 1 pallet spot) for your taproom? Are you a cider company rolling out 2,000 – 1/6 barrels for distribution in a new market? We support breweries that have been in business for 30 years and start-ups in brewery-planning mode.
Chris Sapyta, Director
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WHY Pay a Daily Rental fee? WHY Pay “Per Fill Fees” FOREVER?

With Keg Logistics you rent-to-own kegs, with your rental fees going toward eventual ownership, which occurs on the brewery’s timeline. It’s not a lease or a per-fill fee scenario in which you never get an asset in return. The next best thing to buying kegs outright is renting-to-own with Keg Logistics.
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