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While in the role of beer buyer for a Houston, Texas Whole Foods, David Webster would agree to place large stacks of beer cases in the store if Chris Sapyta would do tastings on the weekends. “Would you like to taste some Saxer Lemon Lager from Oregon?” Words Webster and Sapyta still have echoing in their ears having repeated it for 20 Saturdays over the course of a year.

Chris Sapyta founded MicroStar Keg Management in 1996, along with Robert Imeson and the Leede Operating Company, LLC – originating keg outsourcing in the US and innovating a keg management solution which has allowed the craft brewing industry to achieve monumental growth ever since, both in the domestic US and internationally.

Pulling from their two decades of experience working in the beer distribution industry, Sapyta and Webster were able to diagnose a growing problem in the business: Not every brewer could, or wanted to, use their much needed capital to purchase a multitude of kegs.

In 2011, Sapyta and Webster created Keg Logistics. The objective was to support the breweries who chose not to buy their kegs outright. The two created a unique rent-to-own program which provided brewers the flexibility to take ownership on a timeline that worked for them. No exclusivity clauses or personal guarantees required. Each brewery could have their logo silk-screened on their kegs, create their own maintenance schedules and have access to a variety of keg and freight logistics services. In the past seven years, over 1100 breweries have signed on with Keg Logistics and all responded with overwhelmingly positive feedback. Whether it be a start-up brewery or one looking for additional kegs to complement their existing float, Keg Logistics will work to meet the needs of today’s craft consumers.

Brewery Keg top

Kegs are made from high-grade stainless steel 1.4301 (AISI 304).