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Rent to Own Kegs

Why pay a daily rental fee? Why pay “per fill fees” forever?

Built to optimize growth. Eventual ownership occurs on the brewery’s timeline.


We provide our 1100+ brewery partnerwith the highest quality kegs. Our kegs comply with US Government DHS ruling. Each keg is customized with the brewer’s logo/graphic design of choice. With every rental payment, the brewery builds equity ownership in the kegs. With our flexible rental programs, you can select the best option to fit your needs.

Keg Logistics pays for all artwork and silk-screening of your kegs to provide the brewer with a keg that is clearly identifiable as YOUR ASSET.

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Keg Logistics Kegs

Highest Quality Blefa/Franke Kegs

Keg Logistics can assist with all your shipping needs:
• Empty Keg returns
• Shipment of full product (cases and kegs)
• Packaging Material
• Brewing Equipment, Hops
• Tanks and More

Send us the specifications of your shipment and we will provide a solution and freight quote.

Keg shipping

Nationwide and local shipping options

How can you sell more draught beer and expand your distribution without having to buy more kegs? Simple, let Keg Logistics increase your keg turns. We provide efficient, cost-effective empty keg returns from any wholesaler in the US back to your brewery. Quicker empty keg returns translates into fewer kegs required, and less capital-expenditure for the brewery.

Kegs in a warehouse

Freight buying power for quicker inventory turnover

Working with Keg Logistics has been great for our company. They are responsive, competitively priced, and help our business to expand cooperage needs quickly to keep up with our demand. Love these guys.
 – Justin Cox, Founder and CEO, Atlas Brew Works