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Chris SapytaDirector of Keg Logistics
Director of Keg Logistics since 2011, Chris has spent 20 years in the brewing industry assisting craft breweries expansion. The founder of MicroStar Keg Management, Chris originated the idea and execution of outsourced keg management in the US. Chris was able to grow MKM by signing the first 190 brewers to contracts while acting as president over the first 8+ years. Previously, he headed M&M Beverage and started Tarrant Distributing’s beer division in Houston, TX – growing it into a leader in specialty and craft beer sales in Texas at the time. Chris’s entrepreneurial insight and participation into the trends in the beverage industry include keg pooling in the US, the development and proliferation of the 1/6 barrel keg, and the concept of per-use fee freight management & reverse logistics of mobile assets in several industries. In addition to founding Keg Logistics and MicroStar Keg Management, he has also created mobile asset companies Smart Move and Jettainer GmbH for TrenStar in partnership with Lufthansa Airlines.
David WebsterManager of Freight & Brewery Logistics
Manager of Freight & Brewery Logistics since 2011, David also has 20 years of experience in the brewing industry. The first employee of MicroStar, David has been fortunate to visit hundreds of breweries and has helped them ship empty kegs, full product, brewery equipment, and raw materials (LTL and Full Truck Load) all across the US. His respect for brewers’ efforts drives his support of their endeavors for successful logistics and growth. A former beer buyer at Whole Foods, David was also responsible for on-premise sales at Glazer’s Bayou Beverage in Houston, TX. David’s fandom of all things “beer” spurs his desire to please his brewery-partners on a daily basis.
Robert MerrymanEast Coast Sales Manager
Robert, East Coast Sales Manager and Certified Cicerone®, joined Keg Logistics in 2015 and brings over fifteen years of beer industry experience to our team. A fan of craft beer for over twenty five years, Robert began his career in Spain representing larger European breweries. As his reputation grew, he saw the need to bring a larger range of beer from smaller breweries to the growing Spanish market and began his own import company. As a small independent importer, Robert was the first to bring Sierra Nevada to Spain as well as many never before seen Belgian beers. His work caught the attention of Condal Chef S.L, a respected beer and food distribution company, resulting in a collaboration that dramatically increased the availability of American craft beers in Europe and introduced improved handling techniques to the Spanish market like refrigerated sea containers, warehousing and local delivery trucks. Robert continued to introduce American and quality European Beers like Rogue to Spain with Condal Chef through importation, distribution, beer tastings and articles for Spanish beer magazines. In 2012 Robert accepted an offer to work with a major American importer and returned to the US, later working with exporter Tripel M Trading before joining Keg Logistics. Obsessively punctual, he responds to emails and phone messages at breakneck speed and provides personalized service to our customers throughout what he calls ‘the greatest beer country in the world’.
Simon HorroxSales Manager, UK
Simon has been involved in UK operations and sales for Keg Logistics since January 2016. However, his history with Chris Sapyta reaches much further back, since being hired on the spot in a Thomas Hardy brewery car park following a bulk beer tanker delivery – making Simon the first MicroStar UK employee in 2001. Simon’s freight and logistics knowledge was instrumental as MicroStar launched its UK pay-per-fill division, trailblazing the keg return infrastructure that served MicroStar UK for years. Arranging shipments with depots and brewers in the UK, while also maintaining keg inventory control in Europe and the USA. Simon’s strengths include his relationships with hundreds of brewers from his years specializing in RFID tracking and investigating metal theft. Simon has worked for industry leaders such as TrenStar, Keg Watch, and Visibility – tracking down and recovering tens of thousands of kegs in his career and returning them to their proper owners, saving brewers money and replacement keg costs. Simon’s experience, expertise, and enthusiasm make him an invaluable member of the Keg Logistics team.
Tyler SmithSouth East Sales Manager
Tyler joined Keg Logistics in October of 2016 after the merger with Atlas Keg Company. During his time at Atlas, Tyler was involved in sales as well as the management of their shipping/receiving warehouse. Prior to Atlas, Tyler spent a number of years in sales ranging from trucking and tankers, to corporate telecommunications. A long time fan of craft beer, he has been home brewing for over 6 years; an interest cultivated by a close friend and brewery owner. His sales experience coupled with his knowledge of the brewing process drive Tyler’s desire to support his customers on a daily basis.