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Option to rent kegs from a minimum of one year to the maximum of eight years.

The brewery has the option to rent kegs from a minimum of one year to the maximum of eight years. The rental price decreases over time as does the depreciated buyout price of the keg each year. At the end of the final term, ownership of the kegs transfers to the brewery. With each rental payment the brewery is gaining equity in the keg asset.

With Keg Logistics, you rent-to-own kegs. All fees go toward eventual ownership which occurs on the brewery’s timeline.  The next best thing to buying kegs outright is renting-to-own with Keg Logistics.

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Blega/Franke Kegs

Each rental payment is gaining equity in the keg asset.


We supply the finest quality kegs in the world, manufactured to the highest industry specifications by Blefa/Franke. We provide passivated 1/6 barrel, slim 1/4 barrel, 1/2 barrel kegs along with 50 liter kegs, 9 gallon casks and 4.5 gallon pins.

Keg Specifications:
Our kegs are made from high-grade stainless steel 1.4301 (AISI 304). We only use coils from well-known manufacturers with certified quality assurance methods, which we then supplement with our own quality checks. Our kegs comply with US Government DHS ruling.

Keg Lineup


Customize your keg with your brewery logo. Choose to have it silk-screened on the keg body, so there is no doubt who owns the asset in the marketplace. Keg Logistics pays for all artwork and silk-screening of your kegs to provide the brewer with a keg that is clearly identifiable as YOUR ASSET.

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Keg Logistics offers the unique guarantee for a full overhaul cleaning and refurbishment of first term kegs. Brewery partners can find comfort in knowing their Keg Logistics kegs will be high-functioning, productive assets for 25+ years – long after you have taken ownership.


Keg Logistics offers the brewery tremendous flexibility – there is no exclusivity agreement. You can rent a single increment and/or reorder whenever you need to add to your keg float. We’re here to help support your growth and be your keg partner.

Keg painting and labeling

Keg Logistics pays for all artwork and silk-screening of your kegs.


Are you a nano-brewery requiring 24 – 1/2 barrel kegs (i.e. 1 pallet spot) for your taproom? Are you a cider company rolling out 2,000 – 1/6 barrels for distribution in a new market? We support breweries that have been in business for 30 years and start-ups in brewery-planning mode.

Want to learn more? Contact us today and Rent to OWN!

Oxbow Brewery

A branded keg is less likely to ‘get borrowed’ out in the real world.