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UK Keg Programs

We supply the finest quality brewery kegs & casks, manufactured to the highest industry specifications. We provide 50 litre kegs, 30 litre kegs, 4.5 gallon Pins & 9 gallon Casks.

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Keg Logistics offers your brewery tremendous flexibility – there is no exclusivity agreement. You can rent a single increment and/or reorder whenever you need to add to your keg float. We’re here to help support your growth and be your keg partner. Ownership on your terms.


Save cash, build equity in your casks and kegs, and take ownership on your timetable - all for less than 5 pence per day! Payments and buyout costs decrease over time and you can finalise ownership 1 to 6 years after beginning the program - you decide the timeframe that works best for you! FREE customization with your brewery’s colour stripes and embossed with the brewery name in the top chime.

  Save hard-earned capital for other brewery needs
  Keep keg/cask payments off your balance sheet
  Finalise ownership on your timetable

Flex Term Rental

Meet seasonal demands or take advantage of new opportunities - without committing to a larger keg fleet or long-term contracts. Your kegs/casks arrive within 7 days and you can return them anytime during the lease with no penalties.

  Rental terms available for 3, 6, or 12 months
  Short term rentals to meet seasonal demand
  Longer term rentals with low monthly rates to fit your cash flow

Export Kegs

Protect your beer with stainless steel export kegs. Both 30L Euro and 1/6 BBL USA kegs are available to service between the EU and North America.

  Protect your beer in stainless steel kegs
  Ship kegs between the EU and North America
  Always know where your kegs are with RFID tagging

Meet the United Kingdom Sales Team

Simon Horrox | UK Operations & Sales Manager

Contact:   shorrox@keglogistics.com   0-7734-035562

Simon has an extensive background in the brewing industry, creating a keg return infrastructure for MicroStar and maintaining inventory control in both the UK and the US. His enthusiasm and experience, especially in keg recovery/return, make him an invaluable part of the Keg Logistics team.

Nicola Smith | UK Sales Executive

Contact:   nicola.smith@keglogistics.com   0-7728-720478

Nicola is the main UK-based contact for Rent-to-Own enquiries. She previously spent over 9 years with our partner, Kammac, holding a number of key roles within their operations. Her experience and understanding of the industry brings additional value to our UK & International customers.

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